Power4patriots is a scam… just in cast you were not sure.

I was sent this the other week but it took me an age to get round to watching it, if you have a week or so to spare (it is a long video….) then you can play Red Flag Bingo and Logical Fallacy Bingo with their hilarious presentation:


Seriously, the funniest thing I have seen in a LONG time.

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  1. David Duque:

    Well, I took a different aproach. I use lithium batteries instead of car alternator; I charge them at home; only use the device on highway; runs for at least 2 hours before it shuts down on low battery charge. I do get more MPG; not many just 4 MPG more (Subaru Forester 2010). At least I can see something comming from my little experiment.

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