John Hickman attempts to parody me

John Hickman, the HHO pusher and con man, has gone and bought and put a photo of me on it along with the words:

My name is Jon Starbuck, Im from Wales in the UK , but recently ejected from the USA as I was annoying everyone. Now bored, I cant get a job so I go on the internet and discredit emerging new Technologies that I know nothing about! If I cant see how it works, then it cant!
Im not qualified to comment, but i will anyway because I have nothing to do and my book sales are in decline! I need a real job ….and a Life ! Until then, I will go on the Internet and be annoying to any company that is sucessful because im not!…. if you pioneer a new technology, watch out because i will try to discredit it…even if the evidence is there, i will ignore the proof and rant on! …and on!…and on!…my biggest fear is becoming irrelevent! ( oops!, too late!)

Note – all spelling and punctuation is his and not mine… not that mine is so great.

It will be gone in a day or two as I have made a complaint about it, but I have saved a copy for posterity.

Why do you suppose that Mr. Hickman feels that this is a valid response to me calling him out as a con man who rips off kids for tens-of-thousands of pounds rather than just providing evidence that his magic product does what he says it does? I’m sure you can work that one out for yourself.


  1. Kenneth R Moore:

    Unfortunately there are many people like Hickman that talk a good game but have no credible scientific evidence to back up the claims.
    Sh** or get off the pot.

    ‘If I see how something works’ ….then I want to see details of some kind of repeatable scientific trial that shows it works before I make my mind up about it. Otherwise the claims of Hickman and his ilk are just anecdotal tosh.
    It’s a waste of time explaining all of this – no doubt his mate is now getting 100MPG from a Range Rover and the local MOT tester said the emissions were so low they couldn’t be measured blah blah.

    Keep up the good work John – if your getting under the skin of charlatans like Hickman you are doing a good days work.

  2. Kei:

    I am very interested in the HHO technology because it is far beyond my knowledge and perhaps it could help someone to get a Nobel prize. If people can use it to generate electricity, we will reduce a significant amount of the green house gas and the oil demand would drop and so as the oil price. I believe the inventor has moral responsibility to patent his invention and reveal the technology to rescue the world from energy crisis.

  3. Mark Richards:

    Well said Kei, All i know is i have HHO systems on my vehicle and it works i know this as i took my car for a MOT and it failed badly on emissions that was the reason i bought the kit so we fitted it and guess what it passed with flying colors.
    I don’t know the science behind the system but i do know that it works and im more than happy to prove this to anybody.
    I think after reading comments from this page one of two things are happening here, One Jon works for or has a financial interest in a fuel company or something like that or we just have to face the facts that the systems only work on certain vehicles.

    Either way they work on mine!

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