Hi-NRJ Ltd. of East Kilbride is a scam.

Hi-NRJ Ltd Hydrogen Solutions is a scam, it is yet another incarnation of an HHO product that, if it worked, would defy physics.

The “fuel saving” product takes electrical energy from a vehicle’s engine, converts that energy to hydrogen and then burns the hydrogen in the engine. They claim that this increases MPG by a whopping 30% but this cannot be true since the energy to create the hydrogen comes from the fuel and, since no conversion of energy is 100% efficient, in energy terms it cannot even break even let alone save fuel.

To put it another way, if you installed this gizmo on your engine it will actually burn more fuel and not less, you will save more fuel if you switch it off! This is due to the first and second laws of thermodynamics, the laws of conservation of energy, and any ten-year-old who studies science should be able to see this.

Tricia Wright (Sales and Media Co-ordinator – Environment and Regeneration at Hi-NRJ Ltd Hydrogen Solutions) admits that their product is an HHO unit. She says that there are some HHO units out there that are not tested, but that theirs is “fully tested”. This could, I suppose, be true… however I doubt it and if it is true then it was either a very bad test or it showed that the product does not do what they say it does, it does not save any fuel.

Apparently it is also patented internationally (I can’t find the patent, and even if it does exist then it does not prove that the product works) and CE Accredited (ditto). Additionally Tricia claims that the design was been invented over a 60year period, I am unaware of an HHO unit existing before it was invented by Stanley Meyer in 1980.

It seems that they have managed to get MSP Linda Fabiani on board to endorse their product… Funny how they have no endorsements for any scientists who know about the subject, but from an MSP who may well be brilliant but presumably knows little about science or energy.

Hi-NRG claim to be partners with PowerShift Scotland who sell power factor correction systems (which can work in the right situations – usually industry) and renewable energy solutions… and the magic Hi-NRG HHO product. I don’t know about PowerShift’s other services, but I do know that I’d think twice before buying energy products from a company that don’t understand energy well enough to not spot this kind of physics defying scam.

I’ll have contacted Linda Fabiani. I’ll post here if she responds.

I have also made a complaint to the ASA, here is my complaint:

Their fuel saving gizmo is claimed to reduce MPG by 30%. This would violate conservation of energy laws, the laws of thermodynamics.

This is an old scam and these products have never been shown to work, and on the rare occasions that they are properly tested they always have been shown not to work.

To quite their website:

“The PowerTowerTM Innovation dramatically reduces fuel consumption, enabling your engine to run cooler, cleaner and more efficiently! ” (simply untrue, it does none of these things).

“The more hydrogen that is drawn into the mix, the more fossil fuel is saved.” (this is the opposite of the truth, the fuel saver works best when it is switched off since being switched on will result in more fuel being burned).

“Once installed, you could see up to 30% savings on your annual fuel costs” (they cannot have any robust data to back this up, it is a lie).

“Petrol or diesel only releases 21%-23% of it’s potential energy, instead of being converted to forward motion the petrol or diesel releases the remaining percentage as pollutants/carbon deposits. The addition of hydrogen to your fuel gives a more complete combustion process, which in turn lowers emissions and improves fuel mileage.” (complete nonsense. a modern engine burns more that 99% of its fuel. The engine-to-wheels inefficiency comes from a proportion of the energy being lost as sound and heat).

The ASA eventually responded saying that Hi-NRJ had promised to remove the product claims that they cannot back up. Hi-NRJ claim that the product is still undergoing the tests needed to substantiate their claims, this is completely in contradiction to what they told me. I’m still waiting for them to change their website, it seems that they have changed nothing.


  1. Kenneth R Moore:

    A claimed 30% improvement in MPG is absolute bullshitttttttttttttttt…it’s deeply annoying that companies like this can set up and get endorsements from scientifically ignorant government quango’s and MEP’s.

    The company seems to vaguely claim that the H ‘improves combustion’ ….we do know that H in high enough concentrations can extend the lean flammability limits of petrol and air vapours.

    However to get a 30% improvement in economy the engine would need enough hydrogen to burn 30:1 or leaner fuel to air ratio’s. This is impossible with the small quatities of hydrogen generated and standard fueling systems.

    There is some evidence that Hydrogen used in diesels acts as an ignition promter reducing the ignition delay period, effectively making the diesel burn faster resulting in a very modest <5% reduction in fuel consumption . But there is absolutely no proof that the minute quantity's of hydrogen created on board would have any significant effect on emissions or fuel economy.

  2. Tommy Loudon:

    We were invited to field trial the devices on a car and a jeep. The hydrogen tower prototypes were tempremental but did lowered emissions.
    There was not improvement in MPG.
    The Powertower has a long way to go before
    it can be sold as a product.
    We have no further association with HI-NRJ.
    Powershift Scotland.

  3. Jon:

    Dear Powershift Scotland,
    Thanks for the Clarification…
    So are you saying that Hi-NRJ are lying when they say you are their partner in this? Why are you still on their website when you you have nothing more to do with them?
    What evidence do you have that the device lowers emissions? It must be very hard to lower something which is virtually at zero anyway by any measurable amount. What equipment did you use? What was the margin of error on your emissions measurements? How are you qualified to make such a statement?

  4. Tommy Loudon:

    Hi Jon

    we worked in conjunction with a garage that was experienced in Gas conversion so they new the score and tested our results. Please could you remove your cheeky comments from above about Powershift because our power efficiency boxes do work. If you do not get a minimum of 10% savings from the boxes you get your money back!Powershift was brave enough to try a new product HINRG may get it right one day.You never know.

  5. A. Jackson:

    Hi NRJ formerly 12 Wilson Place East Kilbride have vacated the rented factory unit leaving rent and all utilities unpaid so you are you could be correct in your statement about it being a scam.

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