Green Future Fuels is a scam

Sometimes when an Eco-Scams reader sends me a link I think it has to be a wind up, Green Future Fuels is one. The product is nonsense (from their description their fuel additive appears to be just bio-diesel), the claims are ridiculous, it all the hallmarks of a scam and the text does not make sense (both scientifically and in English generally, not that my English is always great but they are trying to look like professionals).

Even weirder than all of this they appear to have stolen the picture off the back of my book and used it on their website! (OK, so it is likely that it is just a free stock picture).

They claim to be Dunn and Bradstree [sic]. Dun and Bradstree (note Dun not Dunn) [Update: have corrected this Dun/Dunn error since I first wrote this post] are a massive fortune 500 company in the US. Dun and Bradstree are easily contacted and of course they know nothing about Green Future Fuels.

There is no address for Green Future Fuels on their website, not even a phone number [Note: they have added one now, apparently they now reside on Regent Street in London above a shoe shop]. The domain-name is registered to Apartment 603 Landmark House, 11 The Broadway, Bradford, West Yorkshire England. A little more digging indicates a company number 07782434, director called Mr Ansar Ali (4th Floor Bristol & West House, Post Office Road, Bournemouth) and related companies “Miana Technologies Ltd” and “Cmu Trading Ltd” (both also in Bournemouth)…

Someone called Zaya Dad (another Director of Green Future Fuels, apparently) has been contacting folks that I know at local authorities trying to sell the magic fuel-saving product, he claims that their product can reduce “the Fuel Consumption by up to 25% or more and reduction of Green House emissions by up to 75%” [the weird capitalisation is his not mine, and it crops up again in the comments below] … Does that sound like nonsense to you? A 25% increase in MPG with the addition of a few drops of fuel additive? Those are some seriously wacky claims and, what a shocker, they offer no evidence to back it up.

Zaya (19 Melfort Road, Thornton Heath, Surrey) appears to have been director of three, all now dissolved, companies.

I was passed, by a friend who GFF tried to scam, this proof that it works. They claim to have done the test twice, on the road, with no controls, no blinding, no error analysis…

Twice? That hardly counts as repeatable!

On the road? No consistency there then, different vehicles, different routes, different conditions, different drivers…

They neglect to tell us how they measured the fuel consumption and they make no estimation of the uncertainty in the measurements they made and therefore there is no statistical analysis of the accuracy of the measurements taken. This is crucial because if you are claiming a 30% increase in MPG and the accuracy of your measurements is 50% (which is quite likely given the terrible quality of the test) then your 30% gain is meaningless and lost in the 50% inaccuracy.

This proof is nothing more than risible, ridiculous meaningless crap!!

These guys are supposed to be an international company of scientists that have developed a miracle new physics deifying fuel additive and yest they consider this a well designed scientific test?

Add to this that despite having been to university for decades (they must have been, right? they are scientists after all!) they cant write a sentence that makes sense to science or sense in English, can’t spell, Capitalize words For No reason… You would have to be an idiot to believe this.

This is a scam. Report them to the ASA and don’t buy there nonsense.


– Zaya has still not set his legal team on me after a month of threatening to. Good thing I was not holding my breath…
– However he has tried to get Loughborough University (where I am indeed a student) to “discipline” me. Zaya thinks this blog is something Loughborough University should be interested in. Can anyone else see a connection, because we can’t.


  1. adrian moore:

    future fuel is a registerd company and ond vat reg, who ever put this bugos website has not done a great job to bring future feuls down..

  2. andrew johns:

    interesting blog, however lets not jump to this as a scam just yet as well known company i work for along with a university are currently in the process of independently testing this product on behalf of 2 very large transport companies, although testing is not fully complete (have been testing for approx. 7 months to date) it DOES show some indication of fuel saving efficiencies, nearer 16-20%. Results are due around May time and will be published. What evidence do YOU ( have that this product is a scam out of interest?

  3. Jon:

    Andrew (AKA Zaya Dad),

    That is such obvious BS.

    Who are this “well known company” you talk about? Which university?

    Why would a scientist at a university (you) be doing on-road testing using two (un-named) “large transport companies”? If you were a scientist at a university you would be doing a controlled in-the-lab test. The fact that you say you are not doing you test properly speaks volumes to me, you are a con man trying to defraud people who don’t know what a controlled experiment is.

    From what you say it is clear that you don’t even understand the concept of science. I don’t need evidence that it is a scam, it is obviously a scam and if you read what I wrote you would see that.

    You need to show that the product does what you sat it does, it makes a nonsense of logic to suggest that I need to show that it does not work.

    Oh, and another thing, “Andrew”. The IP address that you posted your stupid comment from is, or on Coincidence? I think not.


  4. Colin Gray:

    Hi Jon
    Hope your well.
    I must admit that I read with great pleasure and amusement your blog on these and many other scam companies presenting ludicrous claims.
    What gives me even more delight is when people associated with the companies try and communicate with you under a different disguise. What “Dicks”
    Keep up the good work, how do you find the time???
    All the best

  5. james patmore:

    Dear Jon
    I have been moitoring your claims on your blog, starting with green future fuels, well I have to tell you that all that you have written about this company claiming that their product dosent work and that its a scam is totally untrue I have personally verified their claims through some very high profile contacts and all have come back saying its one of the best products they have come across. One of their other projects on waste to fuel is going to be huge these guys have got the technology and know what they are talking about as I have questioned them on various topics on the subject. Have you personally tried product nup I dont think you? So how are you backing up your claims that their product is a scam? You need to come up with some hardcore claims … I came across your site through research on green future fuels …
    One more thing jon a lot of your information on the blog about green future fuels their address and company directors details are incorrect I have looked at their website again and they do have their office address tel no’s etc …. You also mentioned that you now have the proof in your blog, if you do can you care to elaborate ???? I await your reply… JP

  6. Jon:

    Dear James Patmore,

    Who are you? What qualifications do you have to verify their claims. What “very high profile contracts”? Who did this testing? It is pretty obvious to me that you are not qualified to asses whether on not this product works when you suggest ask if I have tested the product myself, that is a massive logical fallacy that only a amateur would ask. I don’t need to come up with some “hardcore claims”, they do…

    When I first wrote the blog post there was no address or phone number on the website, they have added that. Do they share an office with [name removed] and Harmonic Energyinc, eh?

    They also spelt Dun and Bradstree wrong, they have corrected this too… But they are still nothing to do with Dun and Bradstree, or any of the other logos on their website. It clearly says “we are a Dun and Bradstreet” on their website”, how do you account for that if it is not a scam?

    So they are aware that this blog post exists and yet no one tries to shut me up? Why would then not sue me? Because they would have to demonstrate that it is not a scam, that it does work, that they do have proof… they don’t have any of that because it is a scam, that is why.

    And how do you account for them using the picture from the back of my book on the front of their website?

    The other addresses still stand, a little internet search still gives up the exact same information on the addresses, company directors, failed businesses…

    You are full of crap, aren’t you? And not very bright either…


  7. james patmore:

    Dear Jon STARBUCK

    I am one of their clients who has signed a contract with GFF… I dont have to explain anything to you as I know the product works my company has done very extensive testing over a long period … So I am not concerned what you write … What books have you written?? nobody has ever heard of you, you claim to be a master of everything, what are you a biofuel specialist, a solar panel specialist a writer ??? the picture on their website is a generic picture if you do your research on the net you will come across a million of those pictures .. do you have any copyrights over the picture … I have also varified all their logos on their website they have official documentation from the respected bodies … I think your the amateur as your claims are just baseless ….. One more thing why dont you do the research on the waste to fuel, they have the technology for it …. that project might just benefit you as all the rubbish you come up with will get cleared up from your back yard ….. I believe in their product as the testing done on my fleet has proved excellent ……..

    You need to get another job jon starbuck ………


    Why don’t you report them to the authorities if you think that their product is a scam …. I have also informed them of your baseless blog sometime ago they are aware of it … They are not concerned by your crap …. They actually find it funny …

    Do yourself a favour Jon Starbuck and go and find yourself a real job … what are you trying to prove ???


    The only thing I can associate you with is the coffee shop …. Are you completely think I said that I have got the product tested from my testing lab from my engineers I pay them a lot of money for their expertise …. I am not worried about this product Jon Starbuck as I know and said it works ….. which part did’nt you understand about that ??? I’ve never heard of you, only that your doing a masters in england yet living in calofornia …. hmmm??? They are not telling any lies as we have documentation to prove the product works …. And I’m glad that you have reported them to the ASA (advertising standard authority) …. I think the directors including non executive directors will be more than happy to conduct with the ASA Jon Starbuck, they are not stating to be part of a fortune 500 company but will be in the very near future …its time you got reported with your eco no nonsense blogging website and on that note I’m not going to waste anymore of my time I think I have stated enough to say that I don’t have the slightest worry with green future fuels products ….

  8. Jon:


    If you really are a client of theirs then you are the victim of the scam and this would disqualify you from having conducted independent tests. Any positive results (extensive and over a log period, or otherwise) that you may have are fundamentally wrong, you are mistaken, this product is an obvious risible scam.

    You can use Google well enough to find that that picture is “generic” (I can’t find any, but you may be correct) but you can’t use Google to find my book? I don’t have copyright over that picture, but my publisher may do.
    I don’t claim to be a master of everything. And plenty of people have heard of me.

    So why are you avoiding certain questions I have asked you, like where they pretend to be part of a Fortune 500 company?

    I am not talking about their other products, not yet. I am talking about this one. Why are you trying to change the subject?

    I think you mean “you’re”, not “your”.

    I don’t claim to not be an amateur. But you are claiming to be a professional, and yet you won’t tell me who you are or how you are qualified to test this product.

    I’m not really making any claims (other than it is a scam and that they don’t have the proof that they claim to have), they are… their claims are the baseless ones because they are telling lies.

    I simply don’t understand your reference to the rubbish in my back yard… or about me needing another job…


    I have reported them to the ASA, they will deal with it in due course.
    Why are you cherry picking which of my questions you answer and which you ignore? For example, why are they pretending to be part of a Fortune 500 company?


  9. Director Of Operations @ GFFL:

    Dear Jon

    Without Prejudice

    We have been following your rubbish for quite some time and find it amazing that someone who is an ex website designer come solar panel installer come plumbers mate come builders mate come bricklayer come bartender come self professed biofuel specialist whom no one has ever heard of, can actually be foolish enough to commit libel, slander and defamation of character. It would have been prudent to verify some facts before going ‘gung ho’ you idiot. Yes we have commenced legal action against yourself for the article you blogged and you will be hearing by the legal team in due course. We have also notified the Government Bodies of your intent into trying to sabotage our Product and they say they come across people like you all the time. With the age of Internet Technology, armchair crusaders like you come dime a dozen. Guys like you always have a hidden agenda.

    To add further insult to injury you are not even employed by any Biofuel Company, you don’t own a Company producing Biofuels, neither do you sit on any Steering Groups or Advisory Bodies and neither do you have any experience in this field apart from the backyard experiments you may have or may have not completed in your garden justifying your claim to fame. It’s all very well slating any company or product that you wake up and decide to on any given day, which you have done judging by the companies you have discredited on your blog, but you must now defend your actions in the Courts of Law. We can back up everything we say and will have our day in Court. The problem is not our product, but you not being able to figure out that we are way ahead of the competition including your ‘chip pan’ oil experiments which you cannot comprehend. You obviously believe you have more knowledge and experience than the regulatory and testing bodies around the world, despite being unemployed and never working in the Biofuel or Biomass Energy Sector with no appropriate qualification.

    We are more than capable of defending our integrity and advertising to the ASA, and have already contacted them in order to refute your rubbish. We don’t need to take advice from an anti capitalist, anti eco energy, non expert in Biofuels arm chair blogger like you on how to make, sell, conduct testing and advertise our Products for the benefit of the Industry.

    We were hoping that your false allegations were not worthy of a response due to your ‘get famous on the backs of other’ approach, which is what most people like you actually do, but unfortunately we are now left with no choice but to deal with you and your stupidity head on. We will not allow someone like you into tarnishing our Company and Product and get away with it. Allegations against someone or something come with accountability and responsibility and this is where you must now answer and face the consequences.


    As I have already stated, we have been advised that bloggers and armchair crusaders like you are not a new phenomena. You guys have been doing this rubbish in order to advance your personal agendas for years and are very dangerous to yourselves and the Industries you claim to protect without even realising it.

    Of course it would be cheaper not to proceed with litigation. Similarly you should have contacted us in the first instance when your Local Authority buddy passed our details onto yourself in February 2012 when they breached the Data Protection Act. All you had to do was ask for verification and some sample fluid so you could conduct your own Test and publish the results for the world to see. This also is being dealt with as we speak by our legal team. It’s one thing working for the Local Council, but it’s another when you start leaking out privy information to third parties such as yourselves without consent.

    Moving back onto yourself, we are not in the habit of making idle threats and will carry out our legal action against you for your blatant lies in both jurisdictions which has already begun. Money is not the issue for us, it is the principle. We are not fly by night cowboys claiming to have some wonder pill. Our Product is in a league of its own and has taken years to develop and refine to the standard which it has currently reached.

    The difference between us and you is that we do not make BS claims without accountability. We let our Product speak for itself and give to clients to conduct their own Testing who then come back with their own Test Results. This is the difference. However, it seems like judging by your posts, you also want to dictate to the clients how they should conduct their own testing using your methods otherwise they are victims? Please. Do you honestly believe for one second these clients do not have the money, expertise and ‘know how’ how to test a Product prior to purchasing?

    What you fail to realise is what you learnt in your back garden 10 years ago, is totally different to what we develop and how the world has advanced in Biomass Technology. We are not talking experiments in the school labs here. It’s you that seems to be stuck in a time warp with your lack of knowledge and understanding.

    We will now leave it up to our Lawyers and the Courts to deal with you.

  10. Jon:

    Without prejudice, LOL.

    Wow, “Director Of Operations @ GFF” (AKA Zaya Dad), that is quite the random narcissistic inaccurate ad-hominem-filled rant!! Did your legal team advise you that writing that was a good idea?

    As I am sure your legal team have informed you, to succeed suing me for liable you will need to prove in court that what I am saying is false and as you and I know you can’t do that.

    Rather that sue me, would it not be cheaper to just show the world that your product actually works, why don’t you do that?

    You are not the first person to threaten me with legal proceedings and you won’t be the last to not follow through.

    I look forward to your solicitors letter, however I won’t hold my breath.

  11. Peter:

    You guys at Green Future Fuels should really take this fool Starbuck to the cleaners. We have also done some background checks on this dude as he seems to slate anybody and everybody who happens to be in the Renewable Energy Sector with him claiming to be the self proclaimed Messiah of Biofuels, despite not having the qualifications or experience. If you read his co-authored book in 2008 concerning Vegetable Oils, he is no doubt plugging his buddies companies. Check out his intro and then page 215. This dude definitely has an agenda.

    He also has got the gall to claim he has invented a better butter and has nationwide endorsements via news channels, newspapers, and Kent University. What a joke! Now this is what you call a SCAM. Dudes the real deal scam himself. No ones even heard of this sh.. or him. Another one of his techniques is that he becomes abusive towards you if you don’t agree with him and never accepts the challenge to test for himself. But to be fair, this is what BS bloggers are all about.

    And for the record, Green Future Fuels are VAT Registered and D&B Registered as we completed our own checks on them and everything adds up and is totally contradictory to what you said. We actually have their Registration Numbers and have spoken to their Directors and Scientists. Plus the icing on the cake for them is that they are being supported by the UK Government. We have checked and spoken to the Department. I just hope Green Future Fuels legal team exposes you for what you really are. A BS’ing scam artist trying to plug your own and your buddies second rate products at the expense of others, pretending to know everything about Biofuels when in reality you have no idea and are light years behind. I personally wouldn’t even give you the time of day, but you need to be exposed. Living in California but studying a Masters at Loughborough University UK via Distant Learning, but claiming to have your Masters in 2008 on when it doesn’t complete until 2012!. Yeh right.

    Maybe you will next claim to have won the Nobel Prize for Science with universal endorsements which no one has even heard of? A bit like your butter and your knowledge of Biofuels? Don’t give up your day job mate, this stuff is way above your pay grade.

  12. Jon:

    Dear “Peter” (AKA Zaya Dad),
    It is odd how similar Your [sic] writing style is to the previous two comments on this post, especally your non-understanding of what a Proper Noun [sic] is…
    I have to admit to something here, you are absolutely right about something! Better Butter is a scam, it is a joke, everything about it is not true, it is satire. How anyone can read that and not see it as a joke is beyond me…
    See you in court… LOL

  13. Peter:

    How many AKA’s are you going to allege? First Andrew and now Peter. You really need to up your game and get your facts in order. Speculation is not healthy!

    Anyway, now that you are exposed, it’s only a matter of time before other companies start dealing with you and your bull in the manner they should have from day one.

    Good riddance fool.

  14. TheRealDeal:

    Wow Peter! I think we can all agree that your exxelent investigative work in the (very) recent Debunking of the so called ‘Miracle Spread’ ‘Better Butter’ proves wihtout a doubt your scientific expertise and abilities to back up the claims of GFF.
    I feel sorry for Jon now (i mean ‘I Pitty Tha Foo’!) but i guess we can both take comfort from the fact that now you have exposed him, His voice wont seem so loud right?

    Protect Ya Neck!

  15. Jon:

    Peter and “Director Of Operations @ GFFL” & James….

    I can attribute what I like to who I like, it is my blog. Just because your comment is anonymous and does not mean that my server does not keep a record of what servers it talks to and I can look up who they belong to and where they are… sometimes even if you use a proxy server.

    Anyway, this is yet another logical fallacy, a “red herring”.

    Back onto the subject in hand, where is the evidence that this product does what you say it does? Why are GFF pretending to be D&B, a Fortune 500 company? Stop ignoring these these questions. Any further trolling on my blog won’t be tolerated, your comments will not be posted until you address the relevant issues.

    Just as a side note, you do realise that a normal person would not feel the need to engage with me in this way? A normal person would either send me proof or a solicitor’s letter (or both), or figure I was a dick and ignore me. Your NPD compels you to correct me, since you are perfect I have to be wrong or the world does not make sense to you, all three of you are a fascinating text-book-examples of narcissistic personality disorder.

    Can’t wait for the solicitor’s letter…

  16. ManOfFireAndLight:

    I’m just curious how it can be 100% chemical free? – Is it a vacuum?
    How can it be beneficial if it is non-flammable?
    I wouldn’t trust GFF because of the standard of English used on their website, given that any serious company would have someone proofread everything to correct punctuation, grammar and syntax before posting it.
    Jon is quite right, this website and it’s products are a complete scam and all those correspondents who have defended GFF on are likely the company owner and/or their shills.

    Keep up the good work Jon.

  17. Colin Gray:

    This one is Priceless Jon well done.

    Hook line & …………..

    When can we expect answers I wonder?

  18. Edward Barnes:

    Dear Colin Gray

    You really don’t know what your talking about, “this one is priceless Hook line & sinker”??? What’s that suppose to mean … Are you trying to get eco scams to slate other companies?? I’m also a huge client of Green Future Fuels, our subsideries don’t have to prove anything
    Mr G-Volution …. Given the fact that your product sucks …. Its a tried and tested failed model ….

    Edward Barnes

  19. Jon:

    Dear All,
    Your messages were not approved because I have a life and don’t spend all my time on the internet waiting for you to be all NPD at me. You appear to be on a domestic connection (Virgin), weird as you claim to be at work for some huge unnamed corp. I don’t want to approve your comments as you are so obviously lying and your comments don’t add to the discussion, they just to the stupid-ness of this whole thing and make you look like a a troll. Tell us who this client of GFF you are or shut-the-hell-up. I am interested in data, not the rants of some loon. See above.

  20. John Ward:

    Dear Jon

    I’ve looked at the above and your comments/article on Green Future Fuels, but how do Green Future Fuels differ from the companies below?? : I’m intrigued to know;jsessionid=908B8B67B4F6CB330AF439EBC742FA27.qscstrfrnt01

    J Ward

  21. Jon:

    Hi J Ward,
    Soltron is a fuel additive. As far as I know it treats diesel, stops bacterial growth and helps clean injectors and the like. Note that they don’t claim to decrease fuel consumption by a miraculous amount. Also note that their website is written in normal English by someone that understands grammar and punctuation and knows what a proper noun is.
    GFF’s product is a magic fuel enhancer which makes specific ridiculous claims about a percentage reduction in fuel consumption, their website is appalling to the extent that I still think it is a prank, they think that commenting on my blog is a professional way to behave and they are clearly suffering from some personality disorder.

  22. John Ward:

    Dear Jon

    Thank you for your reply. On the contrary Soltron do claim a fuel consumption, but what would you refer to as miraculous amount ? I’ve looked at Green Future Fuels website it appears fine to me and I dont think its a prank, its just my opinion.

    Anyhow, there were a few other links which I listed to you, can you let me know the difference?

    J Ward

  23. Jon:

    GFF say “Fuel Saving From 10% to 20% or More”, that is ridiculous and quite different to the modest claim of Soltron who say “Increases fuel economy”. (Also note that Soltron know how to capitalise properly).

    GFF website is horrendous to the point where it looks like a joke.

    The first two links are for Soltron, something that I don’t have any knowledge about or interest in, the third looks like nonsense.

    What is your point? Are you comparing GFF product with the others in order to say that GFF is not a scam because the other two are not scams? That would be the red herring fallacy, whether or not the links you have provided point to scams or not does not have any bearing on GFF being an obvious scam.

    Ig GFF is not a scam then why do they pretend to be Dun and Bradstreet and why are they so incompetent that they can’t even spell it right?

  24. James Patmore:

    Dear Jon Starbuck

    This is where it starts after some very extensive research about your claims that Green Future Fuels product is a scam, is complete nonsense. GFFL are members of various government bodies in the UK and this has been varified and confirmed in black & white and the last thing they would to do is see themselves as being a scam, it just dosent wash. I have also been paying great intrest to the comments on your blog that people have left in particular John Ward who happens to give you links from several companies to differentiate GFFL’s product to theirs. It cleary shows that you really do have some sort of an agenda against GFFL, can’t work out why though??

    I think you need to do your research properly as I did, go to click onto the products page the following states in black & white

    “Super Saver”

    “Soltron fixes most fuel problems , and pays for itself with better fuel economy. As per trials done under control conditions it has been possible to obtain up to 15% fuel savings. On the longer run Soltron pays off in terms of extended engine life , low maintenance, down time etc. Soltron not only help individuals and companies to save money but also help country to save valuable foreign exchange. Above all Soltron helps to save irreplaceable global environment from toxic emissions”

    The same goes for a company called nannojoshxxl – who also claim fuel savings.

    I have given my over all thoughts below:

    1. On what basis can you claim that GFE appears to be just biodiesel? You have never tested the fuel enhancer and have never seen the product
    and know nothing about the product specification with regards to the density, viscosity and even lubricity or any of the parameters to arrive at such conclusion. It is unimaginable that you actually wrote a book on biofuels? Was the book authorship claim meant to be a joke or something?

    2. What credentials do you have as far as biofuels are concerned? Have you ever worked (let alone researched for any of the biofuel companies)
    It would be fair for you to comment if you was a well known figure in the field of biofuel or biomass technology. You need to prove that you are technically competent before making any remarks. Have you conducted any trials or road test using the product? You need to prove that point with actual documents and show proof of purchase as to where you obtained the products.

    3.You claim that GFF only did 2 on-the-road trips to arrive at their claim of 25% fuel savings. You indicated and implicated that different vehicles were used, different routes, different conditions and different drivers which had a 50% error in recording the results.
    The actual fact was, the bus trials were based on 4 Scania buses, same vehicles through out, using the same route on the same motorway and departing at the same time schedule and travelling within the speed limit and using the same set of drivers and carried out by the bus company themselves.
    According to the info we have seen from GFF, all data was monitored using GPS tracking system fitted into the Swedish made buses. Are you saying that Scania buses usually produce 50% reading error? All data was electronically captured and recorded accurately, nothing was done manually.

    4. As a result of the accurate monitoring, fuel savings were calculated on that basis. Fuel cost is one of their most significant expenses and bus companies are quick to identify fuel savings (if any) otherwise they would not be able to survive in that competitive business.

    5. Your harping on the D&B and Fortune 500 issue which is a commercial issue is something you are not an expert in let alone versed in. The fact is that GFF are D&B registered and do have a DUNS number which is a pre-requisite requirement for USA, EU and UN Tenders. Where have you been conducting your research? Are you seriously this thick?

    Having absolutely nothing to back your nonsense about GFF except missing a few marbles in the upstairs department, you have even gone so far as indicating that because the English language on their website does not conform to your standard, they are a scam. Everything from you stinks of racism and stupidity with some Psychiatric issues thrown in for good measure. All that you have said is just complete rubbish and I’m surprised they even entertained you. When one reads your article and the subsequent comments, it becomes blatantly clear that all your comments are based on speculation here and speculation there.

    The blog belongs to you so you can put up what you like and can remove what you like, but there is never going to be neutrality or impartiality from you. There must be a law out there to help people like you who are not all up there.


    James Patmore

  25. Jon:

    Dear “James”,
    Your NPD is still shining through. Please don’t resort to logical fallacies, I will not respond to them. Respond to the relevant issues or shut up. I’m asking for proof that what they say is true. My qualifications are irrelevant. What you say is very relevant, and yet you say nothing other than attacking me (badly). Show the world documentation that what you are saying is true or don’t bother saying anything at all, just because you say it does not make it true (even if your NPD says that it is, this does not mean that the rest of the world see it that way). And learn the basics of science while you are at it.
    I’m still waiting for your solicitor’s letter… ZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz… Is this commenting on my bolg what they suggested was the right thing to do? LOL! Come on, sue me!!

  26. James Patmore:

    Dear Jon

    This is where you are gravely mistaken. You do have to justify your qualifications in order to constructively criticise. You have taken it upon yourself to target a company and it’s product under the guise of ‘specialist’, so you must now back your credentials up in order to justify your claims. It is not for me to show you anything as I am not GFF. Furthermore, you are asking me for my solicitors letter and to sue you? I told you before that there were some marbles missing in your head and here you go again. You need to ask the relevant parties for info and legal action and it is up to them to respond!

    My point was clearly showing you that other companies have made similar claims and you are mute about them? Why? You obviously have an agenda and this is clear as daylight. You must either put up or shut up!

    For your information there are at least five fuel additive companies in the US who claim that they can give over 10% fuel saving, why don’t you target them? like I said you need to do your research properly, which you clearly have not. So why target GFF “ONLY”? Yes it all boils down to the fact that you have some sort of an agenda against GFF.
    Your favourite words are scam, fellacy, that’s all you keep saying about GFF.

    If a layman like me can get information from GFF and D&B in order to verify what they say is true or not, then how comes someone like you who claims to be a ‘world renowned specialist’ cannot even get the basics from them? What does this tell everyone about your capabilities? Far from competent and accurate wouldn’t you say? Once again I’m reiterating to you again that GFF are members with D&B, do your search properly Mr Jon EXPERT Starbuck and you will see for yourself.

    Have you actually written to them asking for details of their product? This would be the first point of call with any research dissection don’t you think? You have had ample opportunity to conduct your own testing and research since the date of your post, but you remain hell bent on making speculative allegations which are so off the mark they border psychotic.

    The bottom line is, you are unqualified, you are no expert, you are a racist and you must be a broke student looking for a cheap payday. This is the only logical conclusion I can come to after reading everything on here from you. One more thing I’ve asked GFF about the ASA contacting them they’ve not heard anything, what did you say in your last comment to me ZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ?

    James Patmore

  27. Jon:

    Dear “James”,
    Funny how you keep Making all the Same weird Capitalisation errors as your friend… Clould It be that you are the Same Person?
    Anyway… What qualifications do you think I need to point out that GFF is a obvious risible scam? Do you think I need a degree in preposterous horse crap to be able to point out that this is stupid? No, of course I don’t. What qualifications do I have… well I’d say a physics degree and most of an MSc in Renewable Energy Engineering would be a decent start…
    Pointing out that there are other scams similar to this one does not mean that this is not a scam. You are saying that I need to point out every single scam in the world in order to point out that this one is a scam… does that really make sense to you? This is a scam, just because it is not the only one does not make it not a scam.
    Yes of course I have asked GFF for proof, I emailed them several times, they did not respond. When they tried to scam my friend he asked them for proof and it is on my web site for us all to laugh at.
    Additionally I went to their office in London on Friday 13th April 2012… I was so surprised to find that the office and GFF were not there. How do you explain that?
    Racist, really. Yea, clearly I am a racist. And a homophobe. And a misogynist. Just ask my friends… Godwin’s Law, anyone?
    GFF are nothing to do with D&B. I have asked them. It clearly says on the GFF website that they are D&B, not “partners with”…
    How about you tell me who you are and what qualifications you have to support this?
    Any further comments by you on my blog will be ignored if they contain personal attacks on me (ad hominem attacks) or any other logical fallacies, you need to support GFF claims with EVIDENCE and identify yourself (why are you anonymous, anyway?) or shut up…
    And yes, I am still waiting for the solicitor’s letter. It is clearly not coming… I wonder why that is…

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