Advice for an eco-scams reader.

I work in a garage office and a customer came in with a printout from Waterboost
(selling at £450)..Now two friends of mine have developed a similar thing,
all in good faith. The problem is they are both clever guys & know
engines but have little formal scientific education.
I’ve been drawing their attention to your pages. The main effect is
that the waterboost item is not ‘done properly’ like theirs. They do intend to
have tests done, and have been in touch with a local Inst of Technology, but
there is no Physics course there…


Hi M,

Waterboost is a scam, he dam well knows that it does not work.

Your friends are more worrying, they think they know better than those
arrogant closed minded scientists who like to tell people what is
possible and what is not possible with their “theories”, if only the scientists
would actually try it then they may learn something.

The lack of any understanding of what science is and how it works is a dangerous thing
and can get you into some real hot water.

Encourage your friends to get their magic gizmo tested properly. Real
world tests are completely worthless. Tests must be blinded and
repeatable and have bias controlled for. Their mate at the MOT testing
station is none of those things, nor an undergraduate at a technical collage.

The problem is that your friends will not see the value of getting it
properly tested. It is expensive and they already had it tested and they
already know it works so why bother?

I have never seen an HHO unit maker who did not say that theirs works because it is done properly, unlike all the scams out there… Really common thing to do, to fix the problems in the design of the module without bothering to check if the idea is valid in the first place.

If they succeed in getting a college or university interested in testing it then it will be because the uni or collage don’t know what they are doing. Any university or collage who know anything about engines, physics, thermodynamics, the Carnot cycle… will laugh at your friends and their perpetual motion machine and not get involved.

A danger is that they may just find someone stupid enough to test it for them, the test will be poor, the results unreliable and yet your friends will be encouraged to invest more money in their physics defying project.

Robert Park wrote a book all abut this phenomena called Voodoo Science. It is really interesting how decent, well meaning but foolish people get so invested in their project that they delude themselves and eventually become fraudsters themselves because they can’t admit that they were wrong.



  1. Neil:

    Admitting you’re wrong is quite difficult, isn’t it Jon? I wonder whether it is a problem you’re immune from yourself. Although the subject area is a new one for me I have seen pseudoskeptics before and, frankly, you sound like one.

    I’m not overly familiar with the Waterboost system but I have read about it and you appear to be attacking a strawman. Since you claim to be scientific in your approach so can you tell me:

    1. What is your understanding of how Waterboost is purported to work?
    2. How many papers you have read on the system or similar systems?
    3. How you justify accusing Waterboost of claiming they have made a perpetual motion device?


  2. Paul:

    I have met the. Makers of waterboost and spoken to them In person, I have seen the video of their ” garden lawnmower” hydrogen powered perpetual motion device in action about 5 years ago, the fact that they are neither dead ( conspiraloon stuff) or billionaires should be all anybody needs to know about the viability of their alleged invention , like their hydrogen generators, it don’t work !!

  3. sebastian:

    He’s not going to answer any of your questions Neil. Why? Because he can’t. Simple answer. This enemy of the state should be locked up in an asylum. Specialist my arse. All he ever does is talk out is backside and slate others without backup. Guys like him sicken me. Horseshit talking trailer trash. And so they should censor your bullshit. Since when have you become mans saviour? Fk off back to the back garden and play with conkers. I am contacting Guardian myself and telling them you are a fraud. However, judging by the above posts, they already know, thus the lack of response. They seem to answer my phone calls and rebut what you said. Why don’t you try and buy one and test yourself. Why someone would ask you for advice about investing their redundancy package is beggars belief. yeh really. more like you made it up in order to gain some brownie points because you wasn’t getting any job offers and the dole money was running tight. Prove to us somebody contacted you? Lying bastard. Everything you write is bllx. I’ve never heard so much horseshit in all my life and trust me, i’ve met serious bullshitters in my life. But you, have to be in the top 1%. Have you actually had a job or you just making that up as well? As far as uni is concerned, you mean kindergarten. Give us all a break and fk off. Cnts like you give people on the dole a bad name. I’ve read everything you have said on all the products on this shitty eco scams site and not once can you back up what you say. What is your claim to fame? Talking shit and juggling tomatoes at the same time whilst standing on one toe!

  4. Jon:

    Stop spamming my site with your narcissistic rants. If you don’t have anything interesting to say or intelligent to add then bugger off. Why use a fake name and email address?
    Why does what I say upset you so much and why do you only respond with really lame and juvenile personal attacks on me? Gosh, if I was 6 and not a grown man then I may cry :’-(
    I may Any further input from you which does not have some citations to credible sources to back up your claims will just be deleted.
    Get a life…

  5. Oliver (Waterboost):

    I might not be dead but my mum was murdered, I have had my driving license taken from me, I cant get insurance anymore… The system is totally corrupt… You can rape children and have sex with dead bodies (re: Jimmy Saville) but you dare to do something useful with your life… You can say what u like Jon, I offered to show you proof, I offered to lend you my car, I offered you a hug…. Tony Blair gave nearly 500 million to a company researching HHO… Phillips in the Netherlands claim that only 1lpm of HHO can improve MPG by upto 42%, but only because they have a patented catalyst… Its all about Money, which is silly, because money is debt, its imagineered, like Jon’s version of physics!

    Oliver Smith @

  6. Kei:

    I like to know how many MeV would be required to ionize only one hydrogen ion from a water molecule. btw I like to know how to prove the product was H+ OH- but not H2 02-. Another btw, H+ is acidic and OH- is base, why did’t they have vigorous chemical reaction but waiting for you to burn them. Please forgive my broken English.

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