Turbo Fuel Cell – tfuelcell – another UK based HHO scam

The Turbo Fuel Cell is a scam, it cannot possibly work, is a carbon copy of the HHO run-your-car-on-water-scam which has been kicking about for decades, it is scientific  nonsense and cannot possibly work, the tests that they claim to have performed are either lies or performed by some very incompetent people.

Unverifiable test results:

Note that they neither offer us the results or say who did the test, they are unverifiable and therefore not worth taking any account of. Massive red flag!

Stolen testimonials:

The other “proof” that we are are offered are anonymous testimonials. Another massive red flag. Even if they were not anonymous a testimonial is an anecdote and the plural of “anecdote” is “anecdotes”  and not “data”.

If you Google these anonymous testimonials you will find that many of them are exactly, as in word for word, used in numerous other HHO scam sites! These guys could not be bothered to even make up their own testimonials, instead they just stole them.

How it works:

Breaking down their informercial like web page, the essence of how they claim it works is that your engine burns as little as 20% of its fuel with as much as 80% of it coming out of the exhaust unburned.

This is completely untrue. True that some hydrocarbons are not burned, but the figure is much more like 0.5% unburned and 99.5% burned.

This is what a catalytic converter is for, it turns this tiny fraction of unburned fuel into heat, if it were turning more that about 1% of your fuel into heat then it would get very hot and burn out in no time.

Even if their HHO machine did work, and I assure you that it does not, then your would gain about 0.5% more power and economy, so little as to be unnoticeable and virtually unmeasurable (due to uncertainties in the experiment).

Additionally the HHO machine actually consumes energy, and therefore fuel, itself. In the scientific (controlled and blinded) tests I have seen on HHO (test details here and results here) more fuel was consumed with the unit switched on than with it switched off.

Who and where are Turbo Fuel Cell?

“Turbo Fuel Cell”  appear to be a Mr. John Donaldson. He gives his address as ”Embers House, Surrey, United Kingdom”, which is nice and non-specific.

A more full address wound maybe also include “92 Pleasant Place, Hersham, Walton-on-Thames, KT12 4HR”.

Froom Google it looks to be a very ordinary semi-detached house.

Also at the same address are “Jems” (a hair dressers, I think) and Wimbledon, Claygate,Hersham Acupuncture.

(acupuncture being another type of scam with no proof whatsoever that it works – but not being an “eco-scam” falls out side of the remit of this site, and besides,  acupuncture has been so throughly debunked that I have no need to add to it).

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