More MPG Now – HHO nonsense in London

Gordon Loughton of 24 Freshfield Bank, Forest Row in London has a business (and another here)selling a miracle fuel saving product which he says can dramatically reduce your engine’s fuel consumption and improve its emissions using… by up to 30% apparently.


HHO is a scam product which cannot possibly work and which has been show to be nonsense.

Oxy-isolators , also called lambda sensors, are devices which fool your engine’s computer into making the engine run a little lean which can increase MPG a little but at the expense of performance and emissions (and it is probably illegal too).

Here is Gordon’s website

Here is why HHO is nonsense:

And here is a longer article on oxygen sensors, what they do, how they do it and why it is not a good idea:


  1. anon:

    please note you have incorrect information. Mr Loughton is not a director of this company. The directors of this company is Mr John Haggas of Worple Road South london, and Mr Eric Keogh of Chertsey South London

  2. Damien Green:

    Sounds like one of those typical scams to me. These guys pray on the ill informed (which is probably 95% of motorists) and are no better than the dodgy garages who try to con money out of their customers for unnecessary work. If any of these magic systems / formulas worked, the car industry would be scrabbling over themselves to get them integrated into their new models and the designers of these products wold be enjoyng huge licensing payments.,They wouldn’t be messing around tryng to sell direct to the customer!

    Running an engine lean is a really bad idea. Lean running engines create more heat which can lead to all sorts of problems with head gaskets, cracked cylinder blocks etc. if your vehicle is turbocharged then running lean will make matters even worse, in fact most turbocharged cars are designed to run a little rich as a safety precaution.

    I agree with you, messing with oxygen sensors is a really bad idea and that’s all these guys are doing. Also note the sensors actually only work when the car is idelling or on low revs. Once you get going, the car’s ECU takes over the job of the fuel air mixture rendering any modifications ineffective so the difference unless the car is badly out of tune or has defective oxygen sensors will be negligible.

  3. Mark Richards:

    People are creatures of habit they do not like change but as the saying goes time and tide waits for no man. Remember when 4* petrol became unavailable the only option was unleaded people at the time started to panic or at the very least were concerned, their cars ran on 4* not unleaded and now look at us all! The point im trying to make is technology moves on.
    I have had several vehicles fitted with various systems from various sources and they have all worked and i can prove it with exhaust gas reports from a MOT station before and after granted some better than others but they do work, they reduce harmful gases and give more MPG in fact i thought it was so good i would highly recommend it to anyone that covers a few miles. Also im happy to show anybody thinking of having a kit fitted the proof.

  4. Jon:

    Hi Mark,
    I’d be very interested to see any test results that you may have; but be warned that they have to be independent, and have all biases and sources of error properly accounted for. You see, this product is so unlikely to work that it really does require extraordinary proof. You are as prone to error and bias as anyone else, your word and your honest belief are no match for real data. HHO is to motoring what homeopathy is to medicine, lots of people believe that it works but when subjected to rigorous testing no one can show that it does,

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