Platinum fuel saving nonsense

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Platinum Injection System, Platinum-based combustion enhancers, PVI, CTech 3000, National Fuelsaver,

… all the same bullshit… it is a scam, it does not work, it has snake oil written all over it.

HMFSales is one company selling this crap, it turns out HMF Sales are none other than Trevor Hunter of HHOTech. HMFSales / Trevor Hunter are resellers for National Fuel Saver, companies all associated with scams and cons.

On Trevor’s site it says that the inventor of the “technology” was pursued by the government for making false claims…

… after five years of US Government study, the inventor won his case with flying colors. In fact the case was so convincing that the Federal Judge ruled that the US Government must pay legal expenses…

The only EPA report on Platinum-based combustion enhancers I can find can be read here, the conclusion was that the device had no significant effect on either economy or emissions. Following this testing in 2002, the company in question were fined $75,000 for making false claims and subsequently lost their 2004 appeal too.

They also seem to be eluding to a legal ruling from 1983/1985 (it is not clear which) when someone called  Joel Robinson supposedly won a case against the government on a technicality and was awarded $22000 in legal fees. But I can find very little about the case anywhere on the Internet, certainly nothing reliable. Allegedly it was tested in 1980 by Harry Hyde, a man whose qualifications seem to be that he had  built some engines and had won some races.

The whole story is so vague, old and unrepeated as not to add up to very much at all.

Trevor also says on his website that engines only burn 68% of their fuel, this is also a complete lie. Most modern engines burn upwards of 99% of their fuel, with well under 1% being wasted. If the platinum enhancer worked as described, and it does not, then the extra fuel that your engine burnt rather than wasted would result in less than a 1% increase in power, not he 22% to 28% that is claimed on the “” website.

Why do we not have something more concrete or less that 35 years old? Why have motor manufacturers not picked up on this miracle in all that time? Because it is bullshit, that is why.

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  1. Jon:

    I’m prety bored of Trevor Hunter’s spamming my blog. All of his responses to what I have to say about his fuel saver have been consolidated and moved to here where I have responded to his points.

  2. Cuda Man:

    There is a company called ECO Emissions in Arizona that has actually created a catalyst (not sure if its Platinum) for LARGE diesel engines that has been proven to work. See their WEB site Thier product is patented and it works by lowering the flash point of diesel, so its burns sooner and longer increasing fuel efficiency by 8-15% and reducing hydro carbons by 40%. For the targett market of Freighters, Cruise lines etc a 10% reduction in fuel useage is HUGE! They dont intend on selling to the automotive industry but I dont see why this wouldnt work for small diesel engines as well.

  3. Anonymous:

    I just saw this crap on an enthusiast board and wanted to see for myself. Amazingly, they have created their own website. I cant believe that they haven’t gone after this piece of shit. I hope you have some pull and can get this sucktard taken down with his blatant lies.

  4. Eric:

    The ad falls on its face when it claims better mileage and more power due to boosted octane.
    Boosting octane lowers the energy density of the gasoline therefore you need to burn more fuel to create an equal amount of power.

  5. Eric:

    From the website….

    Obviously, burning 22% more of each gallon inside the engine translates directly into 22% more miles per gallon.

    No, not obvious. If the engines thermal efficiency is non linear then no, not true

  6. ecosavvy:

    Fuel Saver, Laundry Ball, Power Saver, Bangalore & India.

  7. Jon:

    Platinum fuel savers are also a scam, just because someone says they have a patent (or even if they do have one) means nothing about whether it works or not. Nor does a fancy web site. The one thing this company are not offering you is EVIDENCE of their claims being true, they don’t haver any because it is nonsense.

  8. Pictsidhe:

    I’m not sure adding platinum to air or fuel would even be legal, the tiny amount of platinum dust blown out of catalysts is something that is being monitored as a potential pollution issue.

  9. Anonymous:

    Has anybody bought one. And tried it 22 z man

  10. save gas:

    If this procedure is tested and could really be of help in saving fuel then at least we should be all informed. Thanks for sharing!:)

  11. Don:

    Quite simply, Platinum, when properly applied, does what it does in varying degrees of efficiency in any fossil fuel fired combustion, whether it be a wood stove or a gas or diesel engine. To maintain otherwise, is ignorance of basic physical chemistry laws.So to all who name call and denigrate with no proof, piss off, same goes for those who claim these savings to be standard across the board.

  12. Jon:

    Quite Simply, Don, I’m wondering what universe you are from? Because it is not this one. What “basic chemistry laws” are you referring to? Cite them so we know what you are talking about. I’m not a chemist and I suspect you are not either. So what I did was consult a chemist and they told me that platinum does not enhance combustion, not of fossil fuel or wood (which, buy the way, is not a fossil fuel). I “name call and denigrate” because you have no proof, not because I do. Your logic, I am sorry to say, is completely ass backwards.

  13. PinguF:

    Jon, thank you for this useful information. I looked on the Eng-Tips ( ) forum and sure enough diesel engines burn in excess of 99% of their fuel. It looks like the best way to ensure best fuel efficiency is to have my vehicle properly serviced at the correct intervals.

  14. Jim B:

    The platinum in a catalitic converter decreases emissions by heating up and burning off the pollutants. I can’t imagine how injecting platinum into the intake could increase mpg or lessen pollutants. Back in the 70′s hot rodders (myself included) were installing water vapor injection systems to the intake. It seemed to help with preignition in higher compression engines, and there were some substantiated fuel economy gains. As to the platinum injection, I always come back to the idea that if an idea were that good, the car manufacturers would use it…..

  15. John:

    Platinum, being very expensive, would make any device or additive, horribly expensive and would be prohibitive. Also, I’m not quite sure how injecting a metal into any fuel would do a thing to increase efficiency. Auto engines already burn in excess of 90% of their fuel. Hell, if you want to add platinum, buy some platinum spark plugs….

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