H2O Driven is yet another run-your-car-on-water scam!

Update – H2O Driven’s website has been taken down after my complaint to the ASA. It is listed as “Informally Resolved” on 24th April, see here.

H2O Driven is a scam. A clone of the run your car on water scams that go back to the 1970s. It did not work then and it does not work now. When subjected to controlled conditions this “technology” has never been shown to improve your MPG at all, let alone the risible 20% to 70% that H2O Driven claim (in fact it will make it worse). If it did work then you would violate two of the most well established rules of physics, the first and second laws of thermodynamics – basically that you can’t get more from a closed system (like a car’s engine) than you put in to that system (the fuel).
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Power4patriots is a scam… just in cast you were not sure.

I was sent this the other week but it took me an age to get round to watching it, if you have a week or so to spare (it is a long video….) then you can play Red Flag Bingo and Logical Fallacy Bingo with their hilarious presentation:


Seriously, the funniest thing I have seen in a LONG time.

A urine-powered generator? Don’t be so silly…

It is all over the Internet and news, three Nigerian school girls manchestertn.org/ have invented a urine-powered generator that can produce electricity for 6 hours from a single litre of urine!

Really? Sadly, no.

I can’t find an original source for this story, where did it come from? [was it here?] Are there really some Nigerian school girls with a urine-powered generator or is this just a hoax? Either way, all those journalists that repeated the story really should be ashamed of themselves, it is so obviously wrong and/or untrue.

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John Hickman attempts to parody me

John Hickman, the HHO pusher and con man, has gone and bought www.jonstarbuck.com and put a photo of me on it along with the words:

My name is Jon Starbuck, Im from Wales in the UK , but recently ejected from the USA as I was annoying everyone. Now bored, I cant get a job so I go on the internet and discredit emerging new Technologies that I know nothing about! If I cant see how it works, then it cant!
Im not qualified to comment, but i will anyway because I have nothing to do and my book sales are in decline! I need a real job ….and a Life ! Until then, I will go on the Internet and be annoying to any company that is sucessful because im not!…. if you pioneer a new technology, watch out because i will try to discredit it…even if the evidence is there, i will ignore the proof and rant on! …and on!…and on!…my biggest fear is becoming irrelevent! ( oops!, too late!)

Note – all spelling and punctuation is his and not mine… not that mine is so great.

It will be gone in a day or two as I have made a complaint about it, but I have saved a copy for posterity.

Why do you suppose that Mr. Hickman feels that this is a valid response to me calling him out as a con man who rips off kids for tens-of-thousands of pounds rather than just providing evidence that his magic product does what he says it does? I’m sure you can work that one out for yourself.

Thou shalt not commit logical fallacies!

Really great website listing many of the common logical fallacies.
Essential reading for most people commenting on this website…

And they have a poster for you to print out too!

HHO Plus of Portugal is a scam

I have just received an email from a guy who has recently been made redundant and is looking to invest his redundancy pay out to invest in HHO Plus of Portugal. I think I talked him out of it which is great since it is yet another incarnation of the HHO scam. Continue reading ‘HHO Plus of Portugal is a scam’ »

Hi-NRJ Ltd. of East Kilbride is a scam.

Hi-NRJ Ltd Hydrogen Solutions is a scam, it is yet another incarnation of an HHO product that, if it worked, would defy physics.

The “fuel saving” product takes electrical energy from a vehicle’s engine, converts that energy to hydrogen and then burns the hydrogen in the engine. They claim that this increases MPG by a whopping 30% but this cannot be true since the energy to create the hydrogen comes from the fuel and, since no conversion of energy is 100% efficient, in energy terms it cannot even break even let alone save fuel. Continue reading ‘Hi-NRJ Ltd. of East Kilbride is a scam.’ »

Green Future Fuels is a scam

Sometimes when an Eco-Scams reader sends me a link I think it has to be a wind up, Green Future Fuels is one. The product is nonsense (from their description their fuel additive appears to be just bio-diesel), the claims are ridiculous, it all the hallmarks of a scam and the text does not make sense (both scientifically and in English generally, not that my English is always great but they are trying to look like professionals).

Even weirder than all of this they appear to have stolen the picture off the back of my book and used it on their website! (OK, so it is likely that it is just a free stock picture). Continue reading ‘Green Future Fuels is a scam’ »

Advice for an eco-scams reader.

I work in a garage office and a customer came in with a printout from Waterboost
(selling at £450)..Now two friends of mine have developed a similar thing,
all in good faith. The problem is they are both clever guys & know
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Automotive Ecology, still selling snake oil.

Hanlon’s razor: Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.

I’m really sorry to report that Automotive Ecology in the Netherlands are still selling Oil Drum’s Fuel Saver several years after the product was show to not work by the UK Government’s vehicle testing station at Millbroke. Indeed it and all other HHO fuel saving gizmos cannot work. Continue reading ‘Automotive Ecology, still selling snake oil.’ »